Orthodontic Study Models
20 Venture Dr, UNIT 11
Scarborough, ON
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We offer professional Orthodontic Study Models.

  • Full finish study models
  • Rough trim study models
  •  Work models
  • ABO models
  • Duplicating models

Your impressions and bases will be poured as one unit in a bubble free mix of white orthodontic plaster. The model will then be trimmed to exact bite you provided, and remove any unwanted blemishes caused by voids air pockets in the impression.

You can be confident of getting professional results. Also if you sent models we will do duplicate the models to do study models.

* Full finish study models
Impressions are poured with bases, trimmed and festoon,sanded smooth, polish and soap or no soap it’s option and labeled with patient’s name age,and date.

* Rough finish study models
Impressions are poured with bases, trimmed and festoon labeled with patient’s name age and date. Not polish, patch dibubbles,and soap.

* Work models
Impressions are poured with die stone with small  bases, and trimmed as a study model. Choice of colors available. ex; pink, green, blue, yellow, beach, purple.

Also you can use this models to do appliances at lab. and also can use as a study models.


* We offer you

  • 4 Different types of study models.
  • Best price, Quality, Timely.
  • 5 Day service, and rush service also available.


*Pickup & Delivery

APPA Dental Services offers free local Pickup and Delivery Service throughout Metro  Toronto and surrounding suburbs. Pickup and delivery is also available for outside the Toronto area via ICS. We  request at least three sets of impressions in a box  for make free shipping cost.

Please call the night before to schedule a pickup. We will send boxes and prescription pads upon request. Please put the patient’s name and date required on the prescription to insure that the case will be delivered on time. The delivery date should be at least one day before to the patient’s appointment.